Precautions and Use Instructions

  • For the first-time user, start with 1-2 hours and gradually increase daily usage until reaching the daily limit.
  • During the non-consolidation phase (before achieving the desired effect), daily use of 4-6 hours is recommended; during the consolidation phase (after achieving the desired effect), weekly usage of 15 hours is sufficient.
  • The lifespan of shaping products is 3 months; extended use may diminish effectiveness. Particularly for underwear-type products (RIB and STG), wearing them for more than 3 months may lead to bacterial growth, posing potential health risks.
  • Do not use during menstruation, severe cold, pregnancy, aerobic exercise, or while sleeping.
  • Daily wear should not exceed 8 hours to prevent body strain and ensure optimal effectiveness.
  • Ensure waist trainer is worn on an empty stomach in the morning; for initial wear, seek assistance from family or friends or wear while lying down.
  • Proper positioning is crucial to avoid asymmetry in the waistline. (Wearing as shown in the picture)

  • Suitable for daytime and nighttime wear, with a maximum daily duration of 12 hours to maintain a balanced body load and ensure effectiveness.
  • When wearing lift-up pants, exert force to pull them up, ensuring the right size is chosen.
  • Be cautious with sharp objects to prevent scratches while using slimming leg socks.
  • Do not exceed 40 degrees of water
  • Hand wash and gently rub, you can use a soft bristle brush to gently brush
  • Do not soak for a long time
  • Cannot be machine washed or tumbled dry
  • Underwear should not be hung in wet water.
  • Hang it in a cool place to dry and not expose to the sun (ultraviolet rays will damage the molecular structure of functional fabrics and affect the effect)
  • Clean with weakly alkaline baby laundry detergent or underwear laundry detergent

(Please follow the doctor's advice for the specific review time below)

Smooth Delivery: Wait for the complete discharge of lochia. After 45 days, if the hospital reexamination is clear, you can start wearing a waistband.

Cesarean Section: Depending on incision recovery, after a follow-up examination at Tiantian Hospital 45 days post-surgery, the waistband can be worn once the incision is fully healed.


  • Pregnant women should measure their waist circumference for postpartum recovery. Additionally, oxygen injection is generally recommended for abdominal circumference, offering low intensity, high comfort, excellent wrapping, and elasticity.

The waistband's specific effect on postpartum pregnant women is to repair Diastasis Recti, addressing the separation of the Rectus Abdominis muscle that occurs during pregnancy. After childbirth, exercise combined with waistband use is necessary to assist the Rectus Abdominis muscle in returning to a closed state.

Customers with a larger waist circumference and more belly fat are generally recommended oxygen injection products.


  • Mothers who start postpartum recovery after about half a year or a year may need more time. Repairing within the first year is the most effective, and typically, if a mother's waist circumference has returned to normal after about a year and a half, checking abdominal circumference may no longer be necessary.

    For postpartum women (within the first two years or beyond the time limit): It is generally recommended to follow regular sizing guidelines.



  • During pregnancy, thin leg socks can be worn, even during postpartum confinement. Other products are not suitable because pregnant women are unable to get out of bed, leading to leg swelling. Thus, thin leg socks are highly recommended as pregnant women often experience significant leg swelling.

Products suitable for use during pregnancy preparation include stovepipe socks, Swan, and latex underwear. Clothing that exerts excessive pressure on the abdomen is prohibited.