STG Waist Trainer Pro Pink

59,00 $

The STG Pro is suitable for novices who are using waist girdle for the first time. If you don’t know how to choose a girdle or start a girdle, then this STG Pro is very suitable for you. The material of this pink one is mesh, so compared with the black model, it will be lighter and thinner when worn, and the ventilation pressure will not be so great. Babies who are afraid of heat can choose this model. Moreover, its color is light pink, which is relatively close to the skin and will not be obvious when worn under clothes. In order to pursue the waistline, this model uses 26 steel ribs, so the waistline looks as obvious as the black one.

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3XS (50-55cm), 2XS (56-60cm), XS (61-65cm), S (66-73cm), M (74-80cm), L (74-80cm), XL (91-100cm), XXL (101-110cm), XXXL (111-125cm)


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